The Mapalife Beta Test

Welcome to our beta test – we are so glad you are here! The entire team at Mapalife cannot wait to provide you with a site that will memorialize your loved one the way they deserve to be remembered.

We would first like to say that we are so very sorry for your loss. We know that your loved one was incredibly important and that is why we created Mapalife.

In this beta test period, we are providing you the opportunity to identify the site at which you scatter or bury ashes of those who mean most to you. In the coming months, we will be adding more capabilities to the Scattersites for you. This will include ways to make it easier for you to share the site and pay tribute to your loved one in the best way possible.

We hope you find our site a useful way to identify and save the ash scattering site of your loved one. One of our top priorities is providing you a product you love. That is why we would love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts or comments on how Mapalife can serve you better, please do not hesitate to contact us at or reach out to us on Facebook.

We hope you love the site as much as we do!
Becca, Sam, & Ryan

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