About Us

After experiencing the death of her grandpa and his subsequent cremation, co-founder Becca recognized the need to have an online space to mourn in absence of the cemetery. She was troubled by the thought that if left undocumented, the location of his cremated remains would be lost with the passage of time. Thus, the idea of Mapalife was formed and further developed by co-founders, Becca and Sam.

The funeral process is changing. People are choosing to have celebrations of life and forming new traditions to remember and memorialize their loved ones. That's why the entire Mapalife team is working hard to provide its customers with new cremation memorial options.

Our free site allows users to create and customize Scattersites in a matter of minutes. Earlier in the funeral process, Mapalife is here as a pre-cremation informational resource, shining light on the complex scattering regulations. It's Mapalife's goal to help prepare families for the cremation process and to add long-lasting significance to a loved one's final resting place.


Mapalife's mission is to provide meaningful memorial options when a loved one chooses cremation.

To do this, we promise to deliver innovative products and high quality content. We also deeply respect our customer's privacy and sensitivity during this challenging time and dedicate ourselves to keeping your information secure.

We take deep pride in offering our customers the best experience possible and will do everything in our power to help deliver the memorial process your loved one deserves.


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